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Control Zone offers a complete new approach for delivering higher levels of success to small business with a personal direct and focused method with an affordable approach.

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Controlzone consulting offers you:.

Software Development

If systemising, synchronizing and organising is what you need.

Business Forms

Download free and inexpensive electronic business forms and software.


Open doors, tell your clients you want their business - find out more.


Turn paper into power. Discover how to turn information into knowledge by management.


Your 24/7 advertising powerhouse - are you missing sales?.

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  • The Expo went well, the format was well received. Thanks for your seminar presentation. We do a comprehensive survey at the end of the event and your presentation rated an 8.0 (out of 10), which was in the Top 5 of the whole presentations given over the 3 days. It was well received, good comments coming from franchisees. They liked having an ‘outside’ voice speaking to them.

    Evan Foster National Director -Australia United Franchise Group
  • That you very much for your visit yesterday , it was both motivating and very inspirational for me and all of our team and there was a great buzz around the place this morning – in fact one of the most unlikely staff members was keenly enquiring if ‘’Mr. Hadfield was coming back today’’? Opalescent has been in my blood for a total of 32 years and I have worked here as if it was my own company and , given the tough time we have all clawed our way through this past year , your visit and message gave me great renewed confidence for this company’s future – thanks again !

    Ross Jones Opalescent Signs - Newcastle - www.opalescentgroup.com.au
  • I find John is able to relate to all people, especially those whom he feels he can add value to their business. It’s a naturally born talent, that John simply cannot help himself but to be a valuable mentor and has high level of commitment to anything he sets his mind, heart and head to.

    Warren Haakma Past NZSDA President owner Aspect Signs - New Plymouth NZ - signs.org.nz
  • I came to know John through our mutual interests within the Screen printing and Sign industries Associations. John is a passionate and sharp business minded individual with many years experience as a business owner in both the screen printing and sign industries.

    Clem Johnson Federal President - SGIAA Brisbane QLD - sgiaa.asn.au
  • We started working with Control Zone at a time when our business was growing and needed to be restructured to take advantage of increased opportunities. Control Zone worked very closely with our management team to review both our personnel and procedures to devise an effective structure and strategy to position our company to take optimum advantage of the market.

    Grant Olufson Associate Director – A & W Industries Sydney NSW - awsigns.com.au
  • Pathfinder Systems Australia are happy to recommend Control Zone, the work John has carried out for us was excellent considering the low budget he had to work with. His knowledge and the way he handled our file in a professional manner was very good. We will not hesitate to use his services again.

    Celestine P. McCuskey CEO - Pathfinder Systems Australia www.pathfindersystems.com.au
  • Thanks for taking time to inform me of the things that have happened and that you’ve developed. i knew enough to have the utmost respect for you and your skills. i often reference you to many in regard to knowledge of the industry and the effort you put into pricing in a market getting taken over by those trying to make a quick buck. i think that you saved the industry from imploding back in the early computer days. you remember those times. it was hard to make a dollar for a while. who would of guessed where the industry has gone. i think with out the input from astute people, like yourself, things wouldn’t be as bright as they are today. so you have my sincere thanks and gratitude for every effort you’ve made to the industry i love.

    Steve Lomans Queensland
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